Business Development
Business Development

How can your project be differentiated?

SMAG aim is to find solutions which create value for each of our Shopping Malls partners.

One of the first things we like to advise our customers whom might be interested in the Shopping Malls development business is to be well aware of the fact that destination shopping and value marts are popular trends in retail development today. The bright, white walled and tiled Shopping Malls interiors of years past are making way for a more textural and urbanized environment. The former is associated with highly corporatized urban environments, but retail consumers seek places and spaces that reflect a local flavor and develop and evolve over time.

We do not believe in simply building from the ground up. Rather, we endeavor to partner our clients through every stage of their Shopping Mall development. 

Most important is the recognition that the traditional retail patterns are changing. Consumers are demanding a better shopping experience that offers entertainment and social activity as an integral component of any Shopping Malls.