Prospecting & Leasing
Prospecting & Leasing

Tenants Prospecting should follow careful self-analysis of the Shopping Mall and its needs. These prospects are the potential tenants you define before planning to fill space that comes from vacancies, expirations or the recapturing of a retail unit. 

Prospecting and canvassing techniques are SMAG’s homework and legwork and we do use it when looking for appropriate tenants to fill vacancies or expect to have in your Shopping Mall due to our old and solid relations with retailers and retail groups.

Leasing is the Intermediate period that takes a retail development from a construction project to an operating retail entity. 

“Leasing is an Art and it is a Skill”

Leasing is one of the most important aspects in the overall success of any Shopping Mall. How space is leased, how space for each store is configured, and the deals that are made with each retailer to get them into the Mall and create a financial arrangement that works for tenant and landlord determine the success or lack of same for the property. SMAG preserves an updated retail portfolio and detailed files for each and every location distinctly for Leasing and on all of their key leasing prospects.

The key to leasing is knowing what can make the deal happen and then knowing how to execute that deal. Creativity and Information are the hallmarks of Leasing.